Natali Sokolova

Postal Address:

Ukraine, Odessa, Nezhenskaya str. 79



Manager of cooperation with foreigner companies


  • Effective identify the needs of partners from different countries;
  • Skills in negotiating and preparing contracts for signature;
  • Successful signing contracts with foreigner companies.

More about myself

Friendly life position to all people around helps me overcome many difficult situations in my life.  Positive attitude helps me to see more good qualities and not to notice my attention on weakness of other people due to this quantity relationship between people become warmer, more open and friendly.  I’m a person who try not to be sad and to find positive sign in all matter even in very difficult situations of my life. I love all people around me and I always try to help as my ability and opportunities.


I was born and rise in Odessa, Ukraine. I have graduated in 2006 and attended to Odessian college of economy, law and hotel and restaurant business, got a diploma without any mark less than 75. I decided to continue my education  and I attended Odessian Food Academy in 2009. I have graduated Food Academy in 2012.
From 2006 to 2011 learned English with the best teacher in whole Odessa, who had language practice during many years in many different countries. From 2007 to 2010 had a language practice in European countries like: Hungary, Germany, France and Check Republic.